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Musiques des Balkans

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The Bumbac Quintet brings a new vibrancy to Balkan music through the writing and melodic sensitivity of David Brossier. Mastering stylistic codes, his compositions are inspired by the use of authentic Romanian taraf sounds as well as those of traditional Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish ensembles as the prime ingredient in his research into and experimentation with the sound of the violin.

The ensemble’s five stringed instruments become one as they mingle their various timbres throughout the creation of transcending loops and rhythmic mosaics in a unique blend of their own, distinct characters. Contours of traditional music are revisited to give pride of place to the soul of the violin and its infinite melodic range. The instrumental voice of the Bumbac ensemble resonates across the broad horizons of the musical scope of the string quintet courtesy of……

David Brossier : Composition, arrangements and violin d’amour
Ariane Cohen-Adad : Violin, viola
Christian Fromentin : Violin
Léonore Grollemund : Cello
Anita Pardo : Double bass

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