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DUO MARTENITSA - “Music from the Danube shores”

A martenitsa is a lucky charm linked to the spring feasts in the Balkans. It is made up of a red thread and a white thread which symbolize strength and long life, the spring sun and the last snows, light and water, life and peace ...

Created in 2010, the duo Martenitsa offers a new musical journey in 2019, along the shores of the Danube, accompanied by emblematic instruments from Central Europe (violin, accordion, guitar). They’ll talk you up the river from the Danube Delta on the Black Sea to its source, through Romania, Bulgaria, Belgrade, Budapest, Slovakia, Vienna and then Germany. A major route of settlement, invasion and trade, of Europe past and present, the Danube is at the heart of our continent.

The journey is full of contrasts between the cultures of the peoples who live there: their languages (Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Yiddish, German, Sintikes...), their songs and their stories - sounds and sensitivity specific to the Martenitsa duo, forged over a decade of experience.

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