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Cie JHANKAR : « The Lyrical Offering » / An Indo-French homage to Rabindranath TAGORE /

Cie JHANKAR : « The Lyrical Offering »

an Indo-French homage to TAGORE

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Could Tagore ever have even dreamed of such a faithful homage to the universal nature of his genius? The six performers have, certainly more than anyone, understood the monumental stature of the poet’s oeuvre, its timelessness and its complexity.
Echoes of song, tabla rhythms, the sounds of Gipsy guitars and Irish fiddles respond to the emotion behind the text. The dances fill space.
Where exactly are we? Tagore’s songs destabilize us, bringing about disorientation and sending us back to his encounters, his passions. On the way we meet Romain Rolland, Gandhi, Yeats, Bergson, humanity in its entirety. A journey without end which the final nostalgic handclap will never interrupt.
Thank you JHANKAR !

Hubert Laot (Auditorium Director of the Guimet National Museum of Asiatic Arts, Paris).

In this new show, JHANKAR leans towards the creative openings between India and France. Poetry, song, music and dance combine in a fusion of western and eastern influences, reflecting the life of a master who was also a friend of Yeats, Romain Rolland, Thomas Mann, H.G. Wells, Albert Einstein, Henri Bergson. This artistic cornerstone of modern India was at once a painter, musician, composer, writer, playwright, teacher, traveller and philosopher. On stage, 3 Bengali (Tagore’s birthplace) and 3 French performers collaborate for a virtuoso celebration which overflows with excitement and emotion.


L’Offrande Lyrique à la cité de la musique de Marseille
(Pablo Carreras)
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