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Ameylia Saad Wu interbreeds her music, plays her compositions for Celtic harp and gently rocks her singing on the waters of her soprano voice. Her melodic palette echoes the marine blue of tropical isles, rings to the grey-gold of the east, mirrors the jade of China and the deeper green of Ireland, without forgetting the ochre of the Provence which has been her home for the last decade. After a remarkable start to her career on the Island of Reunion, in France, Italy and the Lebanon “following the course of eternal song”, she opened her musical world to two fellow musicians. They collaborate on a “musical refrain through the zephyrs”. Keynoad is born. Naturally nomadic, in both their work and lifestyle, they have come together on Mediterranean soil.

Singing the poetry of her father, the Lebanese writer Michel Saad, Ameylia Saad Wu has put her second opus, Moires et Mouvances to music. In the eponymous concert, the Keynoad trio takes us to “the other side of the storm and its forgotten dreams”.

« Echoes of a wave breaking in time” to the intense nature of the Island of Reunion and Celtic coastlines, “rolling on the vast deserts” of the Orient and Mediterranean shores, their music is a “distant echo repeated in the skies” of the worlds which inspire them.

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